Tips To Successfully Promote Our Debt Relief Affiliate Program:

Want to know how to make the most money with our debt relief affiliate program?

First of all, let’s clarify what National Debt Relief does. NDR does not offer debt consolidation loans. NDR offers a debt consolidation loan alternative. Many of our clients have fallen behind on their bills and are going through a financial hardship.

If consumers are looking for debt relief services, they may already be behind on their credit card bills and have damaged credit. They will not qualify for a debt consolidation loan but still search for one because those are the most advertised.

You can talk about debt consolidation loans as an option for debt relief but note that it comes with some strict lending requirements and not everyone will qualify.

Speaking of not qualifying, NDR does perform underwriting on potential clients. Not everyone is approved to enroll. The people who become clients must be experiencing a financial hardship to become eligible for our services. We will perform a soft pull of their credit reports or require copies of all their statements before approval.

Examples of financial hardships include:

-job loss or reduction in hours
-unexpected medical bill
-death of a spouse
-business failure

These are not the only reasons for financial hardships but they are the most common. National Debt Relief helps people who have genuine financial difficulties and not people who are trying to cheat the system and duck out of their financial obligations with their creditors.

We only want to help people who will have a high chance of successfully completing our debt relief program. This is one of the reasons we are one of the only BBB accredited businesess in the debt settlement industry. We do not try to put clients into a debt consolidation program we know they cannot afford.

The higher quality leads you send, the more money you will make and the more people we will help get out of debt.

Ways to promote National Debt Relief:

Note: We do not allow incentives of any kind.

Blog: Although we do feature a large selection of high quality banner ads, text links will usually perform the best on your site. You can write an article about a financial issue and include a link to National Debt Relief within the article. People of all walks of life are sick and tired of being in debt. There are many opportunities to talk to them about getting help from a BBB accredited business like NDR.

Pay Per Click: If you have an advertising budget, you can buy some pay per click advertising on Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing. You may have better results with long tail keywords or local keywords than the expensive keywords such as debt consolidation, debt consolidation loans, debt settlement, debt negotiation and debt relief to name a few.

Social Media: Facebook/Google Plus/Twitter/Pinterest/StumbleUpon/LinkedIn/Instagram – You can use your social profiles to talk about money and debt or post pictures of financial topics or famous quotes and include your affiliate link.

Mobile: App and mobile advertising is allowed for our pay per lead and pay per call programs. We have mobile optimized forms for your mobile users.

Classified Ads: Craigslist can be a good source of traffic and it is affordable as it does not cost anything to post an ad. We have created some flyers you can use for classified ad posting. Contact us to obtain the flyers.

Flyers: You can hand out flyers in parking lots.

Radio/Podcasts: You can create a podcast or advertise on online radio stations.

Videos: You can use sites like and create some powerpoint presentations and make personal finance videos and upload them to YouTube and Facebook.

Press Releases: You can send out financial related press releases and include your affiliate link or you can send the traffic to your site/landing page.

These are just some of the ways you can make money as an affiliate of National Debt Relief. If you join on Shareasale, you can also earn overrides on affiliates you recruit. You can earn 12% of their monthly commissions.

Let us know how we can help you. We want you to succeed.